Film Club reviews

Film Club has been busy in the latter half of this term watching three films:

Dr Who and the Dalek invasion of Earth 2150


Flash Gordon: Trip to Mars

Here are some reviews from our members.

James’ review of Joey

I liked Joey because I liked the fact that the boy went to Sidney to get Joey and got into lots of trouble, but I only gave it four stars because I disliked that it is a bit unrealistic.

Evan’s review of Joey

I really liked Joey because it shows Billy cares about animals and got into a lot of trouble to save Joey and it shows that animals should be treated the same way as humans should. I really liked the bit where the kangaroo hunters went into the little pond.

Freya’s review of Flash Gordon

I found this film a bit boring as it was in black and white and you couldn’t see any colour to express it. There was one exciting part where something scary happened to Flash Gordon. There is a definite cliffhanger. I would probably recommend it to adults as it is better to concentrate on.

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