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I liked the film because it was really good as you can see from the 5 stars and it showed how much he loved Joey because he went to save him and wouldn’t just give up on him and forget him so he kept looking for him. he traveled to a different country to save him without anyone knowing even his mum

By Joshua

Joey was a real extravaganza for me and I really enjoyed it. It was quite a tension breaker as well because you always thought that Joey was going to get lost but then he doesn’t. So it’s one those films that repeat the same thing just in a different scene each time. Even though it did that I felt sorry for Billy’s mum because she was all alone and she didn’t know where Joey was. But in the end all ended well but they kept on feeding Joey and looking after him, so any other poachers couldn’t try and capture them or kill them.

By William

I love the film because it is an action packed adventure. I like the way that Billy just wants to find the joey’s parents. I was happy that the rich American girl helped Billy get the joey to his parents and Billy’s home. The film was mixed emotions some bits it was happy and some bits were sad because when the joey left Billy was happy –  it was with his parents, but sad he was gone!

By Imogen

The film Joey is about a boy who tries to save a kangaroo because his parents got captured and taken to Sydney. I enjoyed this film because it is filled with adventure and excitement and it shows how someone cares about animals and wants to help them.
The exciting bit was when Billy tries to save Joey from getting captured.
The film has a good mixture of sad and funny bits. I would therefore recommend this film and rate it 4/5.

By Isabella



Laurel and Hardy – March of the Wooden Soldiers

It was about two men who live in Toy Land in a shoe with loads of children and Little Bow Peep. There is a old Man who says to them if Little Bow Peep doesn’t marry him or pay some money he will kick them out the house so they can live on the street but Little Bow Peep already had someone who she wanted to marry. Then Miss Barnaby (the Mum of the house) asked Laurel and Hardy to go to work and bring back some money so she could pay the old man the money. They went to work and Santa was there, they showed him the presents and he said “You`ve done it all wrong. I asked for 123456 small toy soldiers not 123456 enormous, adult sized toy soldiers.”
Then the boss of Toy stood up and pointed at Laurel and Hardy “You two were the ones who sorted the letter from Santa you must have done something wrong. You’re fired.” He bellowed and that was the end of that.

By Alexander

Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars

I liked it but it was a bit strange that Flash wore a t-shirt with a thunder bolt on; everyone who was not on his side would recognise him!The graphics weren’t that good but the story was alright. I liked it because it was based in space ( mind you technically they should be floating around in space suits.

By James

Flash Gordon wasn’t really my choice as it did chapter after chapter and it just ruined the whole atmosphere of it and making it to long. The action was good but then also a bit unrealistic and very quick making it hard to understand the actual hole plot. Overall I did like it but it was just too much old fashioned story lines which are hard to understand.

By William

I found this film a bit boring as it was in black and white and you couldn’t see any colour to express it. There was one exciting part where something scary happened to Flash Gordon. There is a definite cliffhanger. I would probably recommend it to Adults as it is better to concentrate on.

By Freya


Penelope was one of those modern fairy tail stories with made up stuff and curses which I like in older films but in newer films it makes it much more creepy. The best part of the film was near the end when everybody started realizing that there was more than met the eye to her, which is the whole moral of the story don’t judge a book by its cover. Her first lover was tricking her as he absolutely hated her and wanted revenge for when he had first seen her. Max as other people thought he was actually loved and longed to marry her playing songs on the piano stopping people spying on her and helping Penelope and in the end winning her back. So called ‘Max’ and Penelope then lived happily ever after as the two of them being teachers together.

By William

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