The Secret of Kells: George’s review

I didn’t really like the film because I didn’t like the animations and I expected it to be much better. My favourite character was Brendan, because he always got into mischief. I also was disappointed by what the Vikings looked like.

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The Secret of Kells : Aimee – Lee’s review

I really liked the film, I thought the graphics were really cool and at one point even scary because they were dark and people where made to look like monsters.

My favourite part of the story was the friendship between Brendon and Aisling, at first I didn’t think they were going to get on because Aisling gave Brendon a hard choice to make, but then they spent time together and became good friends. I also liked it when Brendon meet brother Aidan and his pet cat because they worked hard together and made a good team.
The music in the film was very calm and peaceful apart from the music when the invasion took part, that was like a hundred dinosaurs stomping around everywhere.
I would really like to watch it again because its a really interesting film, and I think my family would really enjoy watching it.

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Choose the film for FilmClub Extra – Thursday 14th November

Our special FilmClub Extra film takes place after School on Thursday 14th November. Vote below for the film you would like to see.


Voting closes on Friday 25th October

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The Secret of Kells – Amber’s review

I liked the film because I liked the part when the boy went to the wood to collect the berries. The berries were for the potion to make the page grow light. I gave the film 3/5

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The Secret of Kells – James’ review

I liked the film. The best part was when the Vikings attacked the village because I didn’t know what was going to happen which was exciting. I thought some of the graphics where a bit strange because the Vikings looked like boxes with horns. I did enjoy the music though.

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The Secret of Kells – Evan’s review

I loved the film because of the great animation and also the viking helmets made them look like real bulls. I also liked it when Brendan got locked in the tower.

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The Secret of Kells – Ned’s review

I liked the story but didn’t like how the characters were drawn. They had square chins and funny cheeks. I liked it when he went into the woods and got told off by his father.

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Filmclub details for academic year 2013 – 2014

Filmclub starts tomorrow afternoon in the middle classroom at 3.30pm. This year we are part of a rural schools project which means that we have a set list of films to watch during the year. Members needn’t worry though, a good number of films are on the wishlist of the children.

Our first film will be The Secret of Kells.

Filmclub members are expected to contribute at least two reviews each term and they will be given a card with all their user details at tomorrow’s meeting.

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The Great Escape – George’s review

I loved it, one of the best films yet. Steve McQueen was my favourite.  I also liked the bloke who said he was a lifeguard.

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The Magnificent Seven – George’s review

I loved the movie! In my opinion it was the best film yet! My favourite bit was when the boss of the baddies was killed and the Mexicans got furniture and were whacking the baddies.

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